Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Norma Jeane

two times I change my name
for that damn singing cowboy in LA LA land

nobly serve a car
to reem your abs and duel Jab's bar

Rays drop the devil
to take over the world

Clay gloves will bring new cashes
and take the belt of weighing heavy as Ali

To take the cup
Ducks drop the mighty

Paint transformed mi mascarilla
but forever sing in the ring as an ultimate warrior

Oilers leave town
only to return as a Titan

the Pacman can munch crunch
buts gets crumbled by the STAR

Syra and Cuse
release the men of Orange

Darts in the mouth will no longer be thrown by Indians
but will be swallowed by the big green

Sonics can't live Super by the Sea
A new city will strike Thunder

I am Marilyn
wizard from Monroe

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