Sunday, November 2, 2008

The pencil: how does it move it doesn't flow it just comes off on rubbing falling apart ripped from some collective hive of coherence addressed in a neighborhood of bound comfort not like a pen runs pens just bleed through coercion and coaxing with a little rolling pressure of ground friction is geometric masturbation ball and paper sex and plastic scatological birth total stylus coitus or maybe more cunnilingus fellatio performed on the tall ear pompadour knowing not of ascenders or descenders nor the calligraphic flow movement ebb of dancing strokes that are bound to the page held firm by a full bleed forgets what bar vivisects F from T who knows Fraktur style is the German truth thrown into pixelated power pica and pointist persuasion of the visual and continual senses by innocent cloud day demure of doom and damnation Back to the tawdry yellow breaks live waves on rocks of cohesive and coherent and collective thought moving brewing and foundation reeking of civility powered Republica Nostra the president and all his Viagra hard wood furniture understand that power may come from the populous civis but power over mentus populorum is where real power lives where it eats sleeps breathes souls sweat blood tears of a nation where books are empty leaves without writers and nations are empty landscapes without leaders who know nation is more congruent with the nation of bound people neighboring in place and thought but country is all inclusive of people and place the man the land and the horse he rides although he no longer owns rights to keep feed ride starve or release every bit of truth experience gives worker credibility and hooker hopes experience gives economists a better sense of ability and the market as do hookers but where economists need to predict capital and investment hookers know that they will always have an influx of money to demand from everyone wants something and they are an investment whether chanced by their over robed caned large hated financiers or by people who commission them like painters and sculptors forging their beautiful movements of hand and spine and the vulvular scrotum of cyclation or the mouth for the pleasure and consumption of the public eye like the first person to invent watermelon no not god made watermelon that is not grown but is mixed and brewed probably faux grown in a laboratory dish in a pretentass design does fit the function or does not but no one cares if you eat anyway I suppose we will never know if the length of a page is sage muse to the loved and abused who dances the dance on well hacked pain points who walks the walk on artfully butchered and botched lower than low toes I know oh I know sand stars eclipsed by the insatiable but gentle persistence of tear hot rain waves bring backup maritime reinforcements breaking genEVEal laws of engagement between canons and carbonade neuter children’s’ dream skies augmenting power from the all and ever powerful ask is the sun on a string brought not by Apollistic chariot but by Larristic truck or maybe Richardistic Heaven has such quick turnover these days what with the spiritual economy being on a downward trend to bless this bunny womb boom martini talking lounge room wherein two by four nail braced loose leaf sheets of lacramosity placate tall wall ground sound voices and postulate black alley theories on authorship and fatherhood in the ambidextrous forked tongue arias fraught with punktuation in the loud mouthed mad men who hurl and careen poster sized ad campaigns to swooned and swaggered fat cats parade hearty Italian wallets give their belts purpose to cocaine dance cliffedge topside over hot coal coattails train trailing cocktailed depression dedication and dharma capitalized money for whatever you have saved debutante freighters mutilated at sea by their mad men are attention love and fund Caesars Ragnars GenghI Alexanders so who better than faceless flowers to wage a staged war against porcelain masks and pharmaceutical breakfasts privilege love and the warmth of the word will abandon you like air tired of the flailing swimmer is drawn to open-water fly tape as inframortal maritime flys love sugar you lick off lips napes thighs shoulders breasts of halfhearted lovers would give their remaining halves for a little more rigid spine bone spine against bone to steal the other half of someone else's privilege love pump the warmth of the word is not worth forthcoming abandon open-water swimming and don't fly to sugary curves of cold lovers willing to punch to pound hand-me-down pumps privilege love and the warmth of the word abandons air swimming and flying sugar lovers abrase coital ferocity privilege love and the warmth of the word will abandon you aeronautical ciĆ©lose lovers snuff privilege love and the warmth of the word will abandon you privilege love and the warmth of the word will abandon privilege love and the warmth of the word will privilege love and the warmth of the word privilege love and the warmth of the privilege love and the warmth of privilege love and the warmth privilege love and the privilege love and privilege love privilege warm heavy music hips and elbows sweat hips and elbows music hair and feet and elbows sweat feet hips and elbows hips and elbows butt crotch butt crotch butt hips and elbows hips butt butt shoulder shoulder hips and elbows back elbows shoulder back hips back elbow ribs hips elbows hips elbows  hips elbows shoulder back hips elbows chest nose back knee leg hips elbows hips elbow ribs nose elbow knee leg knee leg knee knee chest elbow hear eyes stars elbow head chest knee nose river nose nose elbow knee elbow chest head nose head back head head head head head head head head like pool deep dark pool dark heavy warm white pales in comparison to other more ungainly competitors stuck using kitchen table death rings as baby trainers ring fingers carry post mistake pawn shop band says more about feeling 18 karat Brier Rabbit bushels hunt down and covertly eat from discretely fenced in areas decked out in matzah manishevitz flavored Gandhi style is to sit combat think tank fire stone statues on kiln shelving will bring out colorful desire but only at proper meaning temperatures are somewhere around top shelf degrees circumvent India Pale Ales English departments terra wide eyed Jesus ride down down down new continents undiscovered people will stay lost four sextants later converge decidedly on newly found base camp villages full of bare bottom dollar store top hats and LV CC khakistocracy sails St. George and dragon-style love stretch into brick wall oblivion will be bearing hanis stripe juju fruit in lovely plumb duck sauce picks off undiscovered land survivors just found pricks and dolls ran out of sweet spot file stacking x-spots marks hills meets sky touches water embraces jungle forest savannah dance scene prints screened on t-shirts show world peace and animal love is illegal in most states rebel against lazy-fare exercise the right to not care not watch not hear definitely not see work mark walk please run near pools your genes might have a nasty encounter and get all wet with ice screen maximust wing pads planes from becoming scored on return trips over glass blasted sand storm ray guns give dolphins love to play doctor good cop bad cop gets involved with corruption bleedshotendie vest doge lie for chances to win trips to Katmandu resorts scattered through out the greater Omaha area holds prison bar man zoo camps attract skirt stroller less pretzel salt watchers wave extra sex depth sodium charge wheel grind down platinum love slopes to toothpick crocodile mannequins away  with paper mache paste washable markers popsicle sticks clay chalk crayons construction paper hugs sticky glue love smeared on desk top cardboard shanties built as containment aimed milk cups give little kinderyuden cereal stuck OJ treats Rococo minimalism as flour to ceiling windows framing third story studio apartments are sexy smooth fruit flavored love snacks shack up regularly harpsichord piano keys punch code security blankets drape long ago rooms before people knew knowing enough to really know knowing a hunger saliva tuned bell speaker dogophone knew he was hungry was sure he was hungry he was hungry but was he really wasn't there trying to fulfill basic hierarchical pyramid needs grounding in fieldwork like Monet with bad brush strokes unrotated bristles against drug store tires of little pink pills soft yellow pills light blue pills gentle green pills pills pill boxes pill Gold Sword Pointe du Hoc Omaha Juno Utah your grandfather fought there did you know that your grandfather fought there wheat fought the thresher never did he sat and never told you how his friends fought the scythe before the razor shaved cheating husbands patricidal sons incestuous brothers overworked fathers alike many other sons of bitches everyone tries to remember but really can't slide all the way home to loss letter stuffed mailboxes standing tall and strong one impossible street away from yellow poppy flower fields ease eyes minds thes ways yous thinks abouts things alls greats ands wonders fulls pairs ofs circles splits ats halfs times ands stucks ends tos ends ins thes upscales neighbors hoods ofs Hill-Letter Ridge subdivision ridges replete with m and n houses some o p and q models and the occasional r and t loft

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