Thursday, November 6, 2008


drove off a cliff
into a sky blue

phizzy phoam
suds phloat to the surzace

a giant bubble surrounds
my dry lollypops

plunge through sea deew
glazing at the aquadic years of survival

toto pupfish, munchkin mummichog, and wicked walleye
dash into a yellow brick cavern

way south of Emerald City

lack pelvic fin
my subbubble is tough as catgut

it can escape the


oh zone layer of rainbow smog
thick as butter fatted tapioca mudd

where the feesh eggplant

bottom feeding triassic jellybellys
snuggle in a sludge blanket

an ogrly ugly squid thumped my bubble
making me take a piss in the Abyss

opening a door thy favorite
cyclopsed hammerhead
barked for I was dead
in laughter

dreaming me back to the
farm of Wamego

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