Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ronald Niel Stuart

solute the swimming ocean
and fruits of our labor

my pool of livers torpedo
the wholesale tea shop

Captain Bruno mans the ships in his
safari jacket
searching for eve’s apple


Commodore Stuart made an alliance with the kaneesh

and you can never take the bo bo kaneesh serious

for his blonde facial hair mushes like gold epaulettes

the White sails and Black sails together as allies
through the pomegranate forest

peaches and pears shout 1000 voices
like it was the second Congo War

torpedo damage
from the turnip tubes

bok choy breaks the orange navel barracks

the rhubarb regime makes impossible demands
and gets tossed overboard by the orange kumquat

the trophy of war
is won by the banana brigade


the cuisine upon millions mangle
at seconds grasp

come around
please keep coming around

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