Wednesday, November 19, 2008


drop silenced axes of trees falling toward the sky

while dancing is forbidden, time was never created through glee’s image

build the house not the temple

and relish in the rewards of still dissonance

grab the jester’s glass eye in dreams of moments exhausted

raise the potholed sea in memoriam to a contented junebug

eat raw steak to show consortium of supremacy that

systems fail in captivity but error reigns free

subsided only by the telegraph of repentance and unknowing

realization is permissible as every cadaver sings the drums of awareness

in an era of stained upheaval quenched by trails and mixes

a predilection for soup is at the base of pulsing primates in need of

ascetic bees functioning to their envious derelictical grandeur

negativity serving a window to enlightenment

growing out of the beach blankets of illustriated nights never to exist

tempting an assurance of rhino’s glass horn

while prancing over the epitome of uncontested candycorn

it is not illusory it is there

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