Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Baltimore or less
travled in red socks

only to dodge the blue dreadlocked smile
the little ranch has


the bedroom of no green monster

but the single dirty mattress which lay
three butuby brown beans
covered in pink marshmallow warts

a rumble of doby slams
lead to the c h a n t

Big Popi Big Popi

papa grande hulkulganed his
mario mustache to elbow the perked chimichangas

la chica enters
schilling pineapple juice from a pill wow

round faces give donkeys
significant taco breath

Mother Mary shines wht light
on bouncy balls with pigtails

translating the word eyecarumba from
Spanish to western kayne

see see Pedro
all male musical dance class

can not give you the cargo
but a brown bag special

of baby ruths and bloody socks

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