Wednesday, November 19, 2008

chatting with DS At Readings

there is a peanut gallery
more people than the room can fit
extra credit boredom or love of poetry
doesn't matter people are here for
whatever reason the aria
the slam dunk the wojahn wonder
the day after obama took kings dream
further to fruition
i feel good i don't feel depressed
even though my brother D got laid off
from counseling in SD he is awesome
life is awesome the students complain
about snow
which hasn't fallen yet- i see a womans
butt crack the american butt crack red
white and blue kevin stein introduces him in
a library room with grey headed portraits
2 men holding a globe
a clock the students want to drink fuck play
anything but hear poetry or maybe they hunger
for it like death row convicts for jesus
just not consciously yet
2 extremes muscle mind pomp circumstance
vulnerability political anger out of love
fascism is always paved with good intent
conservere liberate
radical reactionary
we fragile beings
the skin bones in here hearing words
the butt
in seats the lips pursed ears open
hearts agape excavation poem after making love
soothing voice love tenderness
human experience
anger can become action
anger can become acceptance wisdom
we fragile existence overgrown eggs
we become one with our legs
we challenge each other each and every day
we become speech
I am walking down the street and that is all I
have to say- the world is mauve
the carpet stained and death is always
just a door nail away
we are all lame ducks in this life so we
might as well make the best of it let our hear down
so to speak and do a group hug but first an enema
and then a milkshake and then a word from our sponsor
and then there was blood everywhere and then there were three
and then we must to market and sell this sow for bread
and then someone has to clean up this mess and then I ate the
whole damned thing and then words started to emit and then the walls
started to breat e but I wan't intoxicated just caught in a torrential uppour
and i saw eagles flying high above the clearing and I saw wind impersonate spirit
and i saw science uncover so many truthes that the world became naked and was not
ashamed and i saw reality fly outside the window because it was factory produced and never coherent and i saw fluids drain from my spine and knees and i became waterless skin and bones where was i ds i dunno what am i talking no am not talking about art am talking about rat we are rat and we are here to stay


my tongue touches the back of my teeth
chipped falling apart
the body deteriorates gladly
we glide toward death
the lady bug flies away toward the light
i dare not fart at the tim o brian reading
i do not want 1000 eyes directed at me
knowing that i fart
let's keep that my little secret
today i am one that coughs at the reading
tomorrow it's you-- let us cough