Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dear DS

I have to admit I am unhappy here
on this planet with its teeth I don’t grasp
I feel out of place beaten down can’t relate
would love to be a hermit feel incompetent

rage empathy fucked seething cackles flesh holes knownothing snob lovers glass echoes prayers voices antipoetry non writing not thinking not doing not being not nothing

I need warmth I am dumb
I don’t belong I a m so full of shit
how could you love me
I can see why there is hate

Why genociderapesuicide
And am capable of all these things
am capable of nuclear destruction
give me a button and I’d push it

if it were with me long enough
that is why I must avoid power
I could see myself a hitlermussolinimanson
except I am weak I couldn’t kill a fly

save for the everyonceinawhile fly
I could destroy all life just close
my eyes and when I die
you will too

I need love I need heat I need money
I need status I need statehood I need manifesto
I need oranges I need mucous I need worms
I need a fuckcicle. We all need a fuckcicle

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