Wednesday, November 12, 2008

say say say

say what you want
but keep your lips
sealed nod gesture finger
play on say what you
want nod out awaken
genius maneuvers off
the bandstand keep lips
sealed over thick reeds
even as you piss lips
bleed I Love Lucy what
you want what someone
else says you say then
in your silences more
than what may be said
you say in silence
sewn lips callous synthesis
of what cat thought said
spoke say into notes
subsume with lips over
red what another thunder
said contemplative silence
say flurry barrage say
what you seal but keep
your lips wanted beyond
compare silence as weapon
baton wind almost silence
soothes bread of breath
you circular breathe keep
talking say what you lips
but keep your want sealed
unsay can whats been
articulated sole unsaid
agape more mouth tongue
shaping grunt to substance
certain best of what say for sake
silence seal certain ascertain
them sects spend coin sigh
Carthusians most hours
listening to heartbeat breath
blood hum a quit stat
crux dum volvitir orbis
while the world turns
while the world tons
while the world turds
the voice remains staid
in nullity keeps lips
sealed save confidants
prior a community of ha
ha hermits say what
you want to the lipsealed
god merger of silence
with shape meager room
out to a courtyard also
cloistered in wind which
shapes edges a conversation
alms to saint speak only
through seraphic choirs
bound sky sealed lips
say what you ball gag
want want lifted away cancer
say liver implanted hush
forces engage no fuse
of thought thresh speech
the turned down bed deed
of which intimates need
to breathe which cannot
thy tight in saying effable
immovable lips be done
say what you will reed
eventually mary as silence
one might doom damn
one might mortal coil
one might bodhi say
what you keep but you
lip epistrophic each finger
want but you stretch
out vulnerable to flatted
hunger cataclysmic fatigue
say whimper in dormir
mortir turn return to some
say what you say what
you touch me in the inside
place the futures speculate
night visits slick with sound
at gates of probability checkers
bet out bodhi and carne
orbis lips sealed turn wind
body tornadic field somewhere
you track what you say
seal what you want
sit up at behest of death muse
alert what say you expire
inert pen to parchment
return to source silence
blown notes gongs when
you say you cant handle
what you want to say
but anyway speak its never
what you want you keep
lips sealed practice saying
cloistered the woodshed
behind which beating say
razor strop which no one
has now after it hyphens
say what you want but
keep you wits sealed
you havent the power to
say what you want
but is to say only say
power my dry lips
want moisture in order
to part the insect noise
guides this say the fly
is only sleeping can be
waked with want out
of the dark space it nots
compounds what it says
it wand no wants only
instinct sealed deeply
a desert of impulse
you say what you want
bent this way and that
perfect omission in dry
desperate kvetches flys
wings silent you watches
you commit what you
want to paper lips sealed
along long hours flys

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