Tuesday, August 26, 2008


i cant even begin to pretend to be
ill be here all night
dont come home
i am the supersplendid
fly free get drunk get laid
so go out stay out
go ahead ladycool
im free because it rained
and i was tired
i dont care
but caring far too much
trying to pretend
im lying
i dont give a damn
how late your key
chimes in the lock
im cool
absolutely vast
my one and only man
how late
in the bed
as it turns
in my ear
dear danielle steel

i hope u dont think im mocking you
u have a sweetface
u sold over a million hundred books
everybody reads you

the nashville banner says

ms steel excells at pacing her narrative
which races forward mirroring the frenetic lives chronicled
here men and women swept up in bewildering change
seeking solutions to problems never before faced

harold bloom says

u reached new plateaus of emotionality
capturing the angst of class despair

ive never read your books
the klone and i, the long road home, the ghost, special delivery, the ranch hour, honor made,
river dystopic, paris lightning, wings the gift accident vanquished, mixed blessings, jewels no greater than love, heart beat from nam, daddy star zoya, kaleidoscopic fire, things wander, lost secrets, family album fuck circle, choking thurston house, crossings once in a lifetime a perfect stranger remembers, palomino, love in pain, the king loving to love again. summer's end, season of passion, the promise now and forever, passion's promise, going home.
now I have.

I promise to one day visit your website at www.daniellesteel.com
I know you're going with dell, but one day I will publish you and you dedicate
yr poems to john with all your love. I want your love ds.
I dedicate this to humanity.

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