Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I was walking down the street

I was walking down the street
I was walking down the street
you were walking down the street
we was walking down the...
when I happened upon a box
what's in the box?
You tell I
It's a fucking box, lets we fuck it
but it's her box
ask it
you ask it
I ask it
we ask it
it says yes and all of a sudden here you am
you is
you are
now the question becomes why
tell me in a story structured by the structure of having no structure
tell you in a way that explains me
if I am not an explanation then neither are you
or it
which is still inside the box
what happens when we open the box and realize there's nothing in it?
nothing is everything and everything is nothing
when you am nothing and I are everything
so then how do you do
a response comes that tells you me do what comes naturally
coming naturally
naturally I come
and don't I see by now that the only walking is down the street

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