Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I need to know where you end
Where did you get this immaculate strength?
I watch you push and pull
A beautiful machine
sweet subtle rushing movement straight from your core
I stand before you, silenced
No interruption to your harmonies

I hate you for your simplicity, complexity, neverending mystery
We're watching you
Your peaceful tide just inches away from reality
You reach for us but always pull away
Do you tire of sharing your beauty?

Are you lonely?
Do you miss the wind?
I see the way you two collide
Natures forces forcing nature

Are you overwhelmed with responsibility?
Constantly tending to the creatures in your depths
I think I understand
the world you hold beneath your surface needs you

You are the soul, heart, mind, spirit
of all that's in your sight
Your waves shed tears for us
I know you hear us
I need to know where you end.

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