Wednesday, August 27, 2008

fragments of something that will be constantly growing

because billions upon billions of years ago

something crawled from the sea

but it wasn’t yet a sea

so we’ll call it a pre-sea

and in a sense that is where we started

unless you want to go into the pre-sea

but then we must re-learn to breath underwater

and go back further in time

we have gone far enough

we were fungus

and our life blood was

whatever we happened to have sprung from

the sea, the earth, the first separation,

our lifeblood.

and from the start we went in the wrong directions

because we strayed too far form our roots

the water

constantly moving to replace it

with more of itself.

any given spot in a stream

or a creek

or a river

is never the same water

but is all composed of hydrogen and oxygen.

though some spots are colder

and others are warmer

and some are cleaner than others

it is all the river and it is all one

because streams

become creeks

become rivers

and we have left them all behind

and it is for this reason we have fallen behind.

running water is infinite and one

we are here because

we put our faith in just one

and we have no reference point

since we left the river’s trusted trail.

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