Thursday, March 6, 2008

to that owl

remember when I saw
were a suspicious
furby I wanted
to cuddle
was also eerily afraid
wanted to cup my hands
in a half moon toward lips
slowly say hoot hoot
watch you cock
your nonexistent neck
you did not seem as
wise or scholarly as
I did not want anyone else
to see you
feared they’d taunt
throw rocks
if I could keep you I would
let you perch
upon my closet pole I would
move my clothes for you
feed you food you’d like
to eat tell a story
before my slumber
would not dress
you up as humans do dogs
would let you be
alone if you wanted
you’d be mine I’d name you
something distinguished
I would not make you
speak or sit or stay
would let you come
and go
would smile
at your interest of sound
the depth of your archetype
if you wanted to be with trees
I’d let you it would be hard but
I would
tell my future children
how you were polished
with piercing eyes
thank you for stopping
causing me to stand silently
look curiously
at something
I have not done that
in a while
thank you for all you do
for nighttime
for your song
thank you for this poem

1 comment:

MelCoyle said...

I can't wait for the workshop to comment on this!

Suspicious furby! completely.

Owls are my favorite creatures.