Thursday, March 6, 2008


Forgot about writing
sat contemplating failure
then a marsupial
appeared outside
my window
sun came out disney
beating against my head
high school 88
jeremy grade sitting
my living room
playing husker du
then singing the nation
al anthem in chorus class
as badly possible
just to piss off
ms giese who made us
all horny cosmic
mike swan with his
hair that went down
to his nice hard ass we sat
drinking beer at the cemetery
railroad tracks
jumped from locks
into barge canal
covered in bongwater
when dodie and katie
now I am 35
there is grey
on my side
burns eventually
my stomach will disappear
America will too
really thats alright
we can too go gently
into that bon nicht
smelling sweaty &
howling springsteen
under a barren flagpole

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