Saturday, March 15, 2008

A poem started by my mom making fun of my poetry

I touch the blind
I touch the lonely
I touch the rose
I touch the penis

I hear the owl
or is it the mice
I eat the hen
or is it the lice

I see the moon
or is it the cow
I fuck the sun
and take a bow

I smell the shit
it smells so lovely
I taste the wind
just like chicken

I eat my boogers
bite my fingernails
I pick my navel
admire my phlegm

I saw the Passion
Saw Jesus die
Lots of blood
It was awesome


MelCoyle said...

haha...pretty good.

Andrea said...

this makes me smile; i was happy w/ the rhyming--too many "saws" last line tho.

Andrew Hall said...

Thanks... I changed last verse

I saw the Passion
Jesus bled
ate popcorn
it was awesome.