Sunday, January 27, 2008

Zygote Arrived

Poetry spread her legs and dilated in my face
the portal stood a throbbing mirror
and with a chapped handed scholarly approach
my pupils stretched to the threshold’s size
cocked like a pup’s neck
to the big questioning cave dominion
of what is potential

what I knew
of the body
ended there

In my answer
a footstep inward
my voice dropping
to a harmonica’s breath
should I speak

The narrow chunking arena
in backwards somersaulting utero
to this ostrich egg accommodation
through the race of batons of oxygen and words
across the bloodstream of what is the face
except the manner in which flesh blankets a bone?

I ate what poetry ate
and she ate me

Under this umbilical
reciprocal clotting relationship
where I flourished like a cell
until I drained one hospital fluid
to come out of her lips


A Poem to Justify my Existence on December 28th, 2007

Snowy objective
put my nose to the icy pavement
the word of the salt
results in worm rigor mortis
and we chant om

The heart does perfume cardio
for the two spots on
the pulse can be sniffed
over a thin wrist
I can write when in love

Today I’m at the barber
everything will change
if she lets me keep my specimens
from the tethers of my scalp
when the bristles of the broom wear my wig maybe
(it occurred to me other black hairs could brush my blonde)
and the soul goes

I get into my car and fart
into the seat crumbs
the shelf life of cheese is immeasurable
I don’t want you playing out there, really

The heat has no effect on the short drive
I live too close to it all
the cold steering wheel is beautiful
like the ratio of palm to bone
I do not own gloves.

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