Thursday, January 24, 2008

Forgive the bad pun

Throwing the Spears of Destiny

I want Britney Spears to put out a great album
that changes the scope of this world
and makes us all reflect about what it means to be alive
and then I want us all to have a glass of water with lemon
and think of Britney, and then simultaneously, everyone on
Earth will bite their own forearms, leaving teethmarks
For what end? Just to have a moment
when we are all in tune, an a-ha moment, a realization
that we are creatures breathing in air, and spitting out carbon
and pretty soon, we will all be nice beautiful computers that beep
and blurp and we won't have to read books or do math homework
because it will be programmed into us... credit cards
in our eyeballs, wads of cash up our anus
we robots will be cute
and make robotic love
on the factory floors
the conveyor belts whirring KA-KA-KA-KA-KA:
Outside sand covers asphalt, oceans turn
comets blather... doing their thing. It's like an adolescent dance.
Only it is billions of years old.
Contemplate Eternity
and think lovingly and respectfully of Britney.

Lying Awake

Mother and Father are farting
Both my brothers are farting
Everybody’s farting but me

The whole world is snoring
The entire cosmos is snoring
I’m just picking my nose
Staring at the ceiling
And masturbating
About god knows what

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