Thursday, January 31, 2008



who didn't choose to be born
who said the world owed you a living
who promised you rose gardens
who stole your fire and sucked you dry of lime
who ate your candy and made you gnash your teeth
and weep openly in icy climes
who told you you were special
who made you president of the united states and said
you could bomb the kids across the street
who told you to wear that flag pin
who said you could soil your underpants
and who told you you were a good boy for going potty
in the potty
who said you could give birth
who tore open your vagina and gave you a puppy
who makes you midori sours in three-quarter time
who told you you were mozart
who said you were a tornado twisting in the wind
dancing on the earth posing naked for the camera
before china, india, asia, africa, australia, antartica, and the americas

become them
and let the waters dry up
the continents collide
into one giant mountain
known as my penis
and let it jizzom all over
the universe like a mad
ray gun, being shot off by a
buffoon on a pony - my anima-
then let it pee a milky substance
forming galaxies that spin out of
and in them, daisies
pleasing to the eye
they have tiny spots
that sing
remarkably badly-
like preschool children singing arias
but so what
say hallucinogenic
at the very least
smells nice
and good to have around

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