Thursday, November 1, 2007

reflection of she/me

she sat underneath the overshadowing tree

bashfully hidden from the world, what she did best

she was prolific with words that overflowed

her book

each meaning more than what it read

she was inspired by her past

she was inspired by her future

her future of defection--

molding her unique being

craving for satisfaction

she learned would not be discovered within

the limits of the world

family built her fragile bones

friends were the muscles surrounding them

influencing her agile nature

stability breathed into her

many came, few remained

yet only one thing real in her life

one thing that had true definition

no matter what HE was there to stay

whether or not she left him, she’d always make her way

back into his asylum

continuously mistaking worldly comforts

for what can only be temporary thrills

she was blessed and quickly learned

false love could not last

an understanding grew like branches

she inherited an abundant life

feeling like she struggled as no other

resulted in her gaining the strength of ten men

she represented beauty, faith,

independence, intellect

A child of her mother

from tears to laughter

pain to bliss

insecurities to confidence

silence to a voice

girl to WOMAN

she found her in him

she found life collected till her end

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