Wednesday, November 14, 2007

collaborative poetry

This is an awesome poem, I just googled collaborative poetry & found this:

Waiting for scars.
The fist, an augured wind that blew
against a cheek that turned
away again, already burned
with shame
'Breathe' said the lungs
in a sweating cage of blank devotion
bidding joy and all emotion
to silence
'Stand' said the bone
a splintered act of moderation
lapis tattoo of adoration
a joke
'Steal' said the mind
to feed the poor and battered love
ragged-winged, bleeding dove
of misery
'Wait' said the soul
'be patient
time will heal, and
when there's nothing left at all to feel
try scars'
(John Ahearn/Kate Bousfield)

1 comment:

Minx said...

I am flattered that you thieved this.
The collaboration was that I wrote the poem initially and John hammered it into shape.

John Ahearn is the best online poet - he can be found here...