Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Hitler Tree

This tree is not hitler
Nor is it Alice Notley
Nor Michel Foucault
Nor Joe Pesci’s dentures

This tree is logical positivism
This tree is Esperanto
This tree is a ham sandwich
Vibrating in my cellphone crotch

This tree is a spermwhale
But not the red sea
Nor is it Mussolini
Or Tito Puente

This tree is on fire
(notify the next of kin)
It has boobs, dances
Boobies are dangling

From the branches
The tree dogs me, cats me
Shakes me, fondles me
I love my tree

My anus tree
No it’s not poetry
It’s not art, nor news
Song, blues, Nein!

The tree is treeful, treeness
Treelicious, tree-rific
The tree is a cunt
It is cunty-riffic

The tree is a salamander
Advocating the left wing agenda
The tree is bulletproof, praying
That you are not a tree

You think you are
But you’re not!
You are like the tree
Maybe you are the tree

Maybe you are
the fucking tree! Happy?
The tree is not/is Hitler.
We are all Hitler.

No, nein, not Hitler
tree is orgasm.
Yes… that is
what the tree is.

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