Friday, April 18, 2008

I Want to Start a Revolution with Neil from my American Literature Class

He says a fascist dictator has control of the land
our moms and dads and poodles
and now I believe him

he tells me “babe, let’s take this to the next level”
then won’t trim his nails
he tells me, “babe, I see you”
then hides behind his John Lennon frames

if he had an AK he would not shoot it
but it could get violent

Neil won’t care I’m a lesbian
and don’t find him attractive at all
I won’t care he calls his boner
a member of the ruling class
and refuses to use it

well Neil I appreciate it

We’ll hold meetings in his dorm
Me, naked, hammer and sickle
Him, naked, trimming his Fu Manchu

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