Wednesday, April 2, 2008

another poem about my childhood... it's kind of happy... honest!

CoDependence, USA
they came home from Iraq to play checkers in the asylum suckingthe wall because no fire allowed. I was in there for fun, eskimo pies & because George HW Bush talked directly to me. my roommate BR who shot himself on duty while cleaning his rifle on liquid L he scored from his DEA bud; the bearded woman ?? who weighed 500 lbswho made pus come out of her feet the juveniles had to walk single file, ha haas we popped valiums, dreamed of K Kesey watching Air J beat Magic J as the wind howl-ed outside all this because Dugout and I got high listening to ordinary average guy going 90 down I-15 to LA so I could see the Buttholes live while he fifth-stepped his AA sponsor KD to take him back. Now we are on the other ends of clipboardsbut his progeny follows in his footsteps

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