Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Gooder Life

Andy Hall
The Gooder life

in bed
rubbing my cat
gotta pee
gotta write

Did you know that
jesus is lord
and he will

gotta pee
should shave
maybe take a dump
could use a cup of coffee
have a paper to write
should go to work

but the world is going to end
and all your labors will be useless

that's okay
I mean... ya gotta do something
some times you just make due
and going to the can
can be a peak experience
especially if regular

Do you really have to write about your bodily functions?
You have something against that? I suppose you don't poop or pee

No, I am your inner voice, your higher self, your truly divine spirit, I do not defecate nor urinate.
You are so full of shit.

Not as shitty as your poetry
That was unnecessary

You started it
Oh come now, I've been published in Fecal Matter, American Standard Review, Outhouse and Chamber Pot
What have you accomplished?

Keeping your ass in college with my brilliant mind
You are cruel

Some call it cruel, I prefer confidence
So what now?

You do as I say
and what does that get me?

Another poem written
Great, I will publish it in Shitstorm.


I detect sarcasm

You detect correctly

Little do you know but we are all made of shit… and to shit we shall return…. Don’t deny it

I try to

One day we shall fertilize this planet… make everything brown and green

I can’t wait

You just don’t appreciate your putrid origins

I’m just trying to mutate

I think I am getting bored now

It’s about time you caught up with reality

I love you

You don’t make sense

That’s because I’m you
I gotta go use the litter box now

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