Friday, February 29, 2008

Song for a Sea Tower

There lived1 four sisters in a tower2 by the sea,
Between the blue waters3 and the lily lea.

One sister was a wolf4, one a gentle sheep5.
One a swan6, and one a fish7, from the fabled8 deep.

Four sisters9 loved a man10, beautiful was he.
He swam in blue waters beside the lily lea.

The sheep gave him fleecy wool to warm his lonely11 bed.
The swan gave him feathers to crown12 his curly head13.

The fish gave him gaudy rings from wrecks of vanity14.
The wolf ran all alone around the lily lea.

The wolf ran all alone15 where the lilies proudly16 rise.
She17 gave the man18 nothing but a glance19 from her eyes.

A glance from her savage eyes beside the summer sea.
He left the wave and followed her along the lily20 lea21.

Three enchanted sisters22 in a tower by the tide23.
Where their hearts 24 awakened, there they must abide.

There spell-bound25 sisters, a sheep, a fish, a swan.
Floods26 beat against their tower27. Time goes on and on28.

“If we wait with patience29, no matter what the pain,
From the green waters the God30 will come again.”

Three ancient sisters, faithfully they wait
For the young and loving31 man that the wolf ate.


  1. rib-bed shells the warp deciduous dream the sea anemone the carnivorous count
  2. guarded face beheld in unsmiling bricks never loseface
  3. take luke parts per million kneading of these splashes
  4. say grace canis lupus
  5. wash up ovis aries
  6. count blessings cygnus olor
  7. any non-tetrapod chordate moisturize
  8. for once upon a time
  9. sharing genetic loads sharing soups of odor warm beefslaped sun
  10. a quieter fop
  11. see all alone
  12. need we know the legislating sea
  13. all for the favorite side of the face
  14. the poison grew old then the old poison grew
  15. see lonely
  16. the sea is proud or majestic a waning curtain used towel
  17. everything she did was having to be beautiful
  18. epic buoyant and black tugging at every underwatertoe
  19. trapdoor to the sinuses
  20. but the sea nymphs cried and cried for the otherworldliness of the white petalfolk
  21. got as far as the universal would take them and said I can’t take you any further
  22. said the sea driver over over and over
  23. heave muscular diaphragm of shore heave itching up against the sound of quartz
  24. ba bum ba bum
  25. now burn the paper and scatter the ashes to the wind
  26. hear oscillating waps the midnight curl
  27. reputedly Caucasoid
  28. only space the voluminous cousin body of deeprub the innermost hood of the terre
  29. of scanty flies something never worn removed
  30. is she an artist? it is required
  31. a garbled girl she spoke of lava

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