Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dear Personnel:

About our photograph. I think we need to redo it. One, the whole front row is basically all guys. That's not cool, I think. All guys up front and the women in back: not good.

Second, our pal Mylka is not with us! We HAVE TO REDO IT. We'll redo it next week. For now, this one's okay. But barely just okay.



hallawayjoe said...

Plus my shirt doesn't look that hot.

Note to self: Must wear darker colors in

Andrew Hall said...

Oops, that was from me, Andy Hall.

Salmon color shirts don't look good in photos, unless I wear a brown or blue jacket over it.

Peace, Love, & Understanding


St. Ephen Shoup said...

Salmon photos look good with Andy colors.

Joe Amadon said...

Yeah, I think we're on to the reason why salmon-skin jackets never really caught on. However, if Stephen is right, Andy-skin jackets might be the future.


Who the hell decided to pose by that stairs? What a joke.

Joe Amadon said...

yeah, alex, gabe really dropped the ball on that one.

Gabriel said...

HEY, posing by the stairs wasn't my idea! It was Emily's, wasn' it? No, no: it was YOU, ALEX. I just thought it was a brilliant idea, but it wasn't my idea!


Christina said...

we need a new photographer.

Andrew Hall said...

I think we should write a group poem about the photo.