Wednesday, December 3, 2008

think this cat was a crack
life in his previous
rub the belly butt
is difficult when he is pounding
door scratch at the corner
pull inward to rattle pound

I don’t have shit
but love
will love the shit
out of a crack cat

if crack will marry

tumor bump my belly

he left on a plane today
after colliding his cock
inside me sideways off
the bedspring cat sitting
on the amp his black
fur tail streams the
window sun

pour gritty litter bed
sore body
shower through
the curtain

a trail of water
sliced his whiskers

whipping slip soap
in my female pocket
and rise finger
eyes fixed

purr on the pube

1 comment:

e.b. said...

I once knew a crack who head had a sideways cat purring litter stank box meow away ran scratch smoking paw junky monkey